Year in Review // 2014

This has been an exciting year! My business really launched and I was blessed with so many people who asked me to be their photographer. I was given so many opportunities to capture beautiful children, families, couples, and everyday life itself. I was inspired by what I could do, encouraged by all who I met, thankful for new friends, and am now excited for what lies ahead in 2015!
Much thought and prayer has gone into this new year. It’s a time to start things fresh, to seek out new opportunities, and to fulfill dreams and desires.
This year, 2015, my desire it to start afresh in my business what I’m going to offer and what I purpose to see my business become.
So here it is! :

This year, I will be shifting my focus entirely on lifestyle photography. For those who might not understand what that fully means to me, here is a short explanation.
After many opportunities in 2014 to shoot everything under the sun (newborns, families, maternity, weddings, seniors, anniversaries, events, etc.), I have come to find what I am most passionate about. I have learned some lessons the hard way, trying too much to create what I think my clients want to see, rather than what I want to create. I’ve taken on jobs that I didn’t feel were right for me, but each was a good learning opportunity and forced me to learn more about photography and working with people.
Lifestyle photography is what makes me feel alive, inspired, and encouraged. It’s simply capturing people in their everyday life. It’s when each photo tells a story about who you are, really.
I love when I’m given the freedom to create natural, authentic, beautiful images.
As one photographer put it, “I am a lifestyle photographer so does that mean I never pose my clients? The answer is, it really just depends on who I’m photographing. While some people feel more comfortable with me guiding them to create images I know they’ll love, others fall naturally into pleasing facial expressions and poses. But my goal always is for my clients to look at ease, happy, and comfortable — even if I have directed them.”

When a family contacts me for a session, I want to go their home. I want the kids to take my hand and show me their room – the floor they play on, the bed they jump on, the toys they hold tight when they sleep. I want to capture the parents in the doorway watching their little ones play. I want to capture them sitting around the dinner table sharing a meal together, cuddled on the couch reading stories, swinging on the swings in the backyard, chasing Daddy around and being carried when they fall. I want to see them laughing, crying, holding each other close. I want to capture their everyday. I want them to feel at ease, to be completely themselves. To not feel overwhelmed if the kids get dirty, to not feel frustrated when the kids won’t smile or stand still. I want each photo to be like no one knew I was in the room.

When a mother contacts me for a newborn session, I want her to feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. I want her to see her baby as beautiful whether sleeping peacefully or awake and crying to be held. I want to capture that little baby in its crib, or snuggled on Daddy’s chest, or wrapping its fingers around Mommy’s. I want them to laugh when things aren’t going as planned, to smile and feel at ease knowing that no matter what, the pictures will show that authentic beauty of new parents and child. I have found that many people expect their newborn photos to be somewhat ‘Anne Geddes style’. When I do newborn shoots, I try to stay away from the posed positions that are usually best produced in studios set up for newborn shoots. I like to keep everything as natural as possible, using only natural window light and positioning the baby in a comfortable, natural way.

When a couple contacts me for maternity photos, I want to give them images that reflect the amazing beauty and miracle of carrying life inside them. I want them to know that they can snuggle on the couch by the fire, that Daddy can put his hand on her belly and talk to his child. That Mommy can sing baby a lullaby and simply smile at the thought of anticipating seeing their child for the first time.

This year, I will be offering LIFESTYLE FAMILY SESSIONS. This includes newborns, children, maternity, and birth photography. If you are already booked or had contacted me in 2014 for either engagement, wedding, and seniors, I am most certainly excited to be your photographer and capture those moments for you! However, I will not be taking on any more bookings for those events in 2015.

I am so very excited for this change and I hope that if I’m blessed with the privilege to be your photographer, that you will be excited and inspired by what we can create together! Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging this past year of 2014 and to those who have allowed me to capture so many beautiful moments!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from 2014! Enjoy!

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