The Toews | Family

The Toews family are dear and sweet friends of my family’s and we had so much fun at this shoot. They had requested to shoot at the Blue Heron Reserve, so I went exploring earlier that day. I found this amazing area where the light would be perfect and this old rustic building right across the path. It was SUCH a beautiful night for a shoot and I was super excited to play with some sunlight.
I had laughingly said to Mr. Toews before we started, “Family shoots usually bring out who you really are and your funny side comes out.” Not sure if he believed me, but it was definitely true! By the end of the evening, they had me laughing hard and all the crazies came out. It was so enjoyable and I’m thankful I was able to capture these moments.

Rebecca – such a beautiful girl inside and out.
Also, super talented at the violin. She was playing this beautiful song when I was taking these photos – the violin music, the sunlight streaming through the trees, the long blonde hair catching in the wind… was too much!
Lukas – super easy going and was happy to do anything I asked him to. Thankfully for him, that wasn’t anything too weird. No, it was actually really nice and his guitar shots are some of my favourite to date.
Mr. and Mrs. Toews – These two were so sweet and SO easy to photograph. Their smiles are genuine and their love for each other was evident in the way they talked and held each other. I could have photographed them all night!
There was a pretty little path around the corner where we took a walk and the funnies came out. Yes, I said they would, and they did. So fun!
These kids love their parents tons and it was sweet to take some special shots of them together that speak of their relationship with one another.
To finish off the night, we headed over the bridge. They brought along their Bible and Mr. Toews read to us while I walked around and took shots. This family is grounded on this Word, so it was special to have it as part of their family photos.