Matt + Lizzi Stam | Wedding

IMG_0005I had the wonderful privilege of second shooting this wedding for Larissa from Lavender Pier Photography (check out her work!) again. We had so much fun together and I so enjoy weddings! We headed off to the bride’s house first where Lizzi and all the girls were getting ready. I must say, I was quite surprised at how relaxed everyone was, it was SO NICE to see! The dads and kids were watching the soccer game in the livingroom, the flower girls were running around with fruit juice on their faces, the bridesmaids were curling their hair and chatting away – it was such a wonderful, welcoming feel and it made my job all the easier!PicMonkey 8IMG_8613IMG_8597IMG_8599IMG_8611IMG_8587IMG_8669IMG_8688IMG_8677IMG_8657IMG_8648IMG_8652
I took off early and headed to the groom’s house to get shots of the guys getting ready. Mr. Stam led me downstairs and showed me the room the guys were getting ready in. Ok, so I walk in and there are four guys – shirts buttoned, pant suspenders on, vests buttoned up, ties on, suit coats on, hair gelled, shoes tied – and I just laugh! So we didn’t quite capture the “getting ready” shots as planned, but it worked out fine and I was glad to see them prepared and ready to go, even if it was an hour before we had to leave. I grabbed some shots of the guys out front and then we all headed off to the church to get ready.
PicMonkey Collage8IMG_8709IMG_8714IMG_8719IMG_8730IMG_8733IMG_8750IMG_8772

Lizzi looked gorgeous in her amazing dress that rippled down into a soft flowy train. I loved her colours – yellow and navy are perfect for a summer wedding! The ceremony was lovely and it was a privilege to witness their joining in marriage. The flower girls were SO CUTE! I loved their tutus!


That moment when the bride and her parents looked at the groom with such love and affection – oh my heart, so sweet!



For the formals, Larissa took us to this gorgeous property in Yarrow that was simply perfect. Some of these images are my favourite to date. LOVED the cows that showed up in the background for some of the shots!

IMG_9720IMG_9714IMG_9633IMG_9515IMG_9631IMG_9622PicMonkey 5IMG_9604-2IMG_9415IMG_9530IMG_9801IMG_9822IMG_9844IMG_9931IMG_9936

After groups shots with lots of laughs, we were ready for what I think are the best photos of the day – when it’s just the bride and groom. Lizzi and Matt were so relaxed and it was easy to capture their true affection and admiration for one another. Matt was quite the romantic – at one point in the day Lizzi had commented that she forgot to bring a prop she hoped to use in some pictures. Matt simply turned to her and said, “Lizzi, we have the best prop all ready here. Your beautiful smile.”

IMG_0022IMG_0060IMG_0079IMG_0101-2IMG_0045IMG_0008IMG_0040PicMonkey Collage3IMG_0139-3IMG_0149-2IMG_0126IMG_0133IMG_0135IMG_0119IMG_0103IMG_0109IMG_0106PicMonkey Collage4IMG_0230IMG_0224-2IMG_0237IMG_0243-2IMG_0200IMG_0251IMG_0246

Congratulations Matt + Lizzi!