Jacalyn | Inspired Winter Shoot

This year as my photography business has grown, I have learned a lot about how much work and effort goes into making it a success. One of the biggest challenges I have faced has been how to attract clients who want me for my style of work and not just my price. It’s a difficult business to get into, with everyone thinking they are a photographer, whether that’s an ‘iphone photographer’, ‘digital camera photographer’, or someone who’s held an SLR and now believes themselves to be a pro. With oodles of websites and pinterest, people create images in their heads of what they want and then they go with a photographer who usually meets their budget, not actually their style.
For me, photography is much more than just a business. It’s not just a part time job, a way to put money in the bank. To me, photography is art. It’s creating images I can see in my head and making them come alive through photographs. When I was little I always dreamed of being an artist. I probably doodled on every page of my schoolwork, every binder cover, every napkin, scrap paper, book cover, receipt, and more. Unfortunately, I never was very good at drawing or painting. I desired it, I just never had the ability to create on paper what I could see in my imagination.
Then I started taking pictures. Yes, it was at first with a tiny digital camera – pictures of anything and everything – flowers, blades of grass, the breakfast table, my messy room, “photoshoots” of my friends on the front lawn or at the nearby park. I eventually worked my way up the line of cameras, reading everything I could get my hands on about photography. Everything I’ve learned has been from hours of online research, asking other photographer’s questions, and mostly browsing photography websites to see what people go for and to inspire my own style that was quickly developing in my head.
Since then, I have been blessed with countless opportunities to develop my photography skills and put through the camera what I could see in my head. My style has developed, my creative juices have been stirred and sometimes overflow with the need to create something beautifully wonderful.
Something I had been wanting to do for a very long time was a stylized shoot. Usually this entails tons of props, outfits, scene changes, etc.
But what I had in mind was something more simple, yet beautiful. Something classic, yet unique. Something that would show others what inspires me, a shoot that displays my style, whether that be the location, the outfits, or the editing. Jacalyn made this dream come true with her willingness to model for me.
We hiked through forests, tramped through dead blackberry bushes, stood on half-frozen ponds, explored fields and drove down roads chasing the sunlight. We made winter come alive with a simple black dress and a bouquet of flowers. We saw the sun hit the tip of the mountain and sink behind. We walked into a frozen world where everything was ice and the cold stillness would take your breathe away. We were sure Mr. Tumnus would appear through the trees at any moment, it felt that surreal. It couldn’t have been more perfect, and I feel very satisfied. I hope this shoot inspires you too!

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Thank you Jacalyn for inspiring me and helping me create something beautiful!