The Toews | Family

The Toews family are dear and sweet friends of my family’s and we had so much fun at this shoot. They had requested to shoot at the Blue Heron Reserve, so I went exploring earlier that day. I found this amazing area where the light would be perfect and this old rustic building right across the path. It was SUCH a beautiful night for a shoot and I was super excited to play with some sunlight. I had laughingly said to Mr. Toews before we started, “Family shoots usually bring out whofull post »

Marcel + Dianne | Maternity

Marcel + Dianne far exceeded any photographer’s dream with this photoshoot. Dianne is absolutely gorgeous inside and out and Marcel + Levin are quite the dudes. They were super relaxed and we enjoyed every minute. We started out at Marcel’s parents property to grab some shots with Levin. After about an hour of some fun shooting, we left Levin with grandparents and headed off to Timmies for a quick ice cap break. 🙂 I had been driving around Chilliwack earlier in the day in search offull post »

Matt + Lizzi Stam | Wedding

I had the wonderful privilege of second shooting this wedding for Larissa from Lavender Pier Photography (check out her work!) again. We had so much fun together and I so enjoy weddings! We headed off to the bride’s house first where Lizzi and all the girls were getting ready. I must say, I was quite surprised at how relaxed everyone was, it was SO NICE to see! The dads and kids were watching the soccer game in the livingroom, the flower girls were running around with fruit juice onfull post »

Luke’s Graduation | Personal

So it’s kinda hard to believe my baby brother is graduated from high school now! Like, where did the years go? Seems like yesterday we were sitting in our “classroom” off the kitchen – seated at our desks, pencils in hands, minds….well maybe not always on school, but hey, WE GRADUATED! So obviously somewhere in those 12 years of homeschooling we learned, retained, passed, and have finished! So I don’t usually go rambling on here on the blog, telling storiesfull post »

Oregon | Reminiscing

This has to be one of my favourite places in the world. We vacationed here for a few days a couple summers ago – Bandon, Oregon – and I will never forget how the ocean’s beauty captured my heart. The cry of a seagull as it soars above you eyeing for crabs | the music of crashing waves as the water hits the sand and then draws back to endlessness | the soft wind that catches your hair causing it to ripple like the ocean | the warm sand that sinks between your toes and managesfull post »