Eaton Lake

This has probably been my favourite hike so far! We took the whole day off so we could take our time getting to the top. 4 hours up and 2.5 hours down with a few hours to rest and take in the view once we got there. It was simply BREATHTAKING! The stunning view of the lake with the clouds opening up and the sun glistening on the water was more beautiful than I had imagined. Kirtus brought his fishing rod and Luke go-proed under the water the slimy things biting at his bate. Hopefully itfull post »


Having done maternity photos only three days before Evan’s birth, I was quite excited to meeting this little fella and I was beyond thrilled when Ineke contacted me for newborn photos! She texted me “a boy with lots a black hair…We named him Evan.” And yup, my heart melted right there (ridiculous, i know!) and I couldn’t wait to snuggle him. 🙂 If you know me at all, you know I’m terribly-wonderfully-over-the-top crazy about babies and so to think I couldfull post »

Sun Peaks

So this was our family’s first winter skiing, and it was PRETTY AWESOME! I’m so looking forward to next winter when the conditions will hopefully be better than this year. We went up to Sun Peaks with dear friends of ours and had so much fun. The first night we got a little sprinkle of snow, so waking up to everything white and the sun shining was simply break taking. The little house we stayed in had such character gave that perfect cozy feeling. After skiing all day, being able tofull post »

Year in Review // 2014

This has been an exciting year! My business really launched and I was blessed with so many people who asked me to be their photographer. I was given so many opportunities to capture beautiful children, families, couples, and everyday life itself. I was inspired by what I could do, encouraged by all who I met, thankful for new friends, and am now excited for what lies ahead in 2015! Much thought and prayer has gone into this new year. It’s a time to start things fresh, to seek out newfull post »

Delaney + Olivia

Delaney and Olivia are two of the most beautiful little babies I’ve seen! They are only three weeks old and so tiny still. Kevin + Melanie were so kind and patient as we fed, changed, burped, and posed the babies. There were a few “she’s peeing!” moments that required a quick dive for a diaper and a change of clothes for mommy. 😉 It was all such fun and it was such a pleasure to capture these little beauties in their first few weeks of life.full post »

Jacalyn | Inspired Winter Shoot

This year as my photography business has grown, I have learned a lot about how much work and effort goes into making it a success. One of the biggest challenges I have faced has been how to attract clients who want me for my style of work and not just my price. It’s a difficult business to get into, with everyone thinking they are a photographer, whether that’s an ‘iphone photographer’, ‘digital camera photographer’, or someone who’s held an SLR and nowfull post »

Jonathan + Lexi | Family

Lexi contacted me a short while ago about family photos and I was very excited for the opportunity. It had been pouring rain all week, so when Saturday rolled around the sun was shining, I immediately thought of Lexi! Well, it just so happened that Lexi was thinking of me. She emailed me Saturday morning and asked if we could shoot today rather than next week. I was thrilled my schedule was open and I called her up and booked her for that afternoon. Lexi + Jonathan – I was so blessed byfull post »

Ocean Shores

Last weekend my family and I went down to Ocean Shores, Washington for a family discipleship conference. The conference center was literally right across the street from the ocean and so we took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and spent a couple afternoons at the beach. Every time I go to the ocean, which is very rare, I’m always amazed at how its beauty can completely capture me. I literally can’t take my eyes off the waves and I take deep breath after deep breath to tryfull post »

Danley | Newborn

This little guy is SO CUTE! I had just done Marcel + Dianne’s maternity shoot just two weeks before this little man made his arrival – and I’m so excited he’s here now and I can snuggle him! Once again, this was a DREAM to shoot. Danley was as content as could be and was quite curious at the clicking sound of my camera. It is so sweet to see Levin as a big brother now – he’s so gentle with Danley, and more than willing to kiss him over and over again. He madefull post »