A Day in the Life

A couple weeks ago I went to babysit Gavin + Blythe while Lyndon was at school and Carina took Airyn shopping for her birthday. I brought my camera along planning to take a couple photos throughout the day, hoping to capture some cute moments. As soon as I starting shooting, I thought it’d be fun to shoot the entire day and try and capture a typical day at the Les house when I’m there. Capturing breakfast time, nap time, play time, snack time, and snuggle time along with some set up shots was super fun and I had tons of photos by the end of the day. I decided to make an album for Carina with the photos as a surprise – sometimes you don’t need a reason to give gifts, it’s fun to have no reason at all other than you love that person.
I want to remember the little mundane things of the day whether that be the laundry pile, Gavin feeding Blythe, bath time and crib time and seeing how big Blythe’s getting, coming around the corner to find Gavs licking the dried chocolate off the syrup container. 🙂
I will say my favourite moment from the day was when I found Gavs laying on the living room floor in the sun. He said, “CheeChee rub back me? Cheechee sleep me warm?” So we lay in the “warm” on the carpet beside the window and I rubbed his back and belly and sang him a sweet song of love and sunshine. His eyelids fluttered and his lips curled into a subtle smile, then he was fast asleep. We must have laid there for almost an hour. Looking into his little face and wondering all the thoughts that must go through his mind at that age. I wanted to freeze time and never forget the warmth of that sun, the small smile on his face, his hand resting on my hair, his face so close I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks. I cherish those moments with him and I never want to forget these little things that make my heart so full.

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Love you guys!
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